About Crown Flour Mill

Crown Flour Mill has been in the wheat milling business in Nigeria for over four decades. Incorporated in May 1971; it commenced milling operation in 1981 with only one product- Flour.

In 2010, Olam International (a Global Good and Agri-products focused multinational based in Singapore) acquired Crown Flour Mill. Crown Flour Mill at that time had 2 operating factories in Lagos and Warri with only 2 products Flour and Semolina.

This acquisition brought about a significant turnaround in the business. Olam International brought its Agro-technical and Supply Chain capabilities into the business. The business multiplied multifold. It was still in the flour and semolina business only.

The entry into the pasta business started with the acquisition of the BUA pasta and flour milling units in 2016. The Technological, Sales and Supply Chain skills of Olam helped Crown Flour Mill become a large pasta player.

 In 2019, Crown Flour Mill took a giant step and acquired one of the key players in the industry, Dangote Flour Mill. This greatly increased Crown Flour Mill production and distribution capacities. Crown Flour Mill is now a key player in the Nigerian flour milling industry.  

These acquisitions have allowed Crown Flour Mill to have a wide portfolio in Wheat Milling to help cater to the needs and yearnings of the consumers for more nutritious and affordable options. The wide portfolio now ranges from a Consumer Portfolio (different ranges of Pasta and Semolina) to a Business to Business (B to B) Portfolio of various types of Flour (Bread, Noodles and Confectionary flour).

Crown Flour Mill has plants located in strategic positions across Nigeria – Apapa, Tincan Island, Beachland, Ikorodu, Ilorin, Warri, Calabar, Port Harcourt and Kano.

Top of the line Agro-Technology is at the heart of our success in the Flour Milling business. All our factories have the best state of the art facilities with required certifications – Food Safety System Certification 22000(FSSC 22000); International Standard Organization certification (ISO 9001:2015)

Apapa Flour Mill

Ikorodu Flour Mill

Port Harcourt Flour Mill

Kano Flour Mill

Calabar Flour Mill

Our Strength

Our key strength lies in Agro- Technology as well as a deep understanding of the Nigerian consumers. We have studied the consumers and their food habits carefully, City by City to understand specific needs of the consumer and how to incorporate those needs and expectations in our products. We have combined this “Consumer Insight” with our Superior Agro-Technological capability to incorporate “consumer needed” innovations and high quality into our products.

Our superior technological and supply chain capabilities have helped to provide high quality products but at the right price to the Nigerian consumer.

Our Range of Products

Our “Business to Consumer” product range includes the following brands- Crown Premium Pasta, Crown Pasta, BUA Pasta, Dangote Pasta, Crown TuwoVita, Mama Gold Semolina, Supreme Semolina and Dangote Semolina.

Our “Business To Business” product range includes the following brands- Mama Gold Flour, Supreme Flour, Supreme Lite Flour, Supreme Noodle Flour, Bake Well Flour, Mix & Bake Flour, BUA Flour, Dangote All Purpose Flour, Dangote Bread Flour and Dangote Confectionery Flour.

Our Network

We have a very robust distribution network across the country based on the strong relationship we have built with our key partners over the years. We support our key partners with the strongest supply chain network and the best consumer innovations.


Our Values

To re-imagine local Agriculture and Food-Systems to boost food security and food sustainability


Our Mission

To provide top quality local products at accessible prices to the Nigerian consumer.


About Olam

Olam was birthed in Nigeria in 1989 with only 1 product and 2 employees. Today, after 30 years, Olam has footprint in about 60+ countries, 45 products and 87,600 employees.